Wudang Five Elements Standing Qigong Level 1: Fundamentals

taught by Wesley Chaplin

Course description

Learn the basic movements of the five elements qigong. The five elements qigong balances and strengthens the internal organs. Nearly 3 hours of qigong foundations and detailed instructions for each movement.

This qigong comes from the Wudang mountains and has a long history and development to the Taoist temples nestled away in the peaks.

Beginning with an introduction to what is qigong and qi at the basic levels to gain insight into the practice and journey ahead.

Then learn the fundamentals of standing qigong practice including proper posture, breathing, and movement coordination.

Finally learn the complete set of exercises and movements of the Five Elements qigong. Each movement is described with step by step instruction and multiple view to help ensure proper training.

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Wesley Chaplin
Wesley Chaplin
Internal Alchemist

Master Wesley is a teacher of internal awareness, energy work, and Asian spiritual practices from Indian, Thai, and Chinese traditions.

He has taught and written about these practices for 15 years internationally. 

He has published several books and courses on tai chi, qigong, self healing, meditation, and chakra work.

Wesley began his studies into traditional spiritual practices living in China initially studying buddhism before eventually spending five years living at Daoist Temple in central China. 

After leaving the temple he continued his journey to India, where he initially studied classical Hatha. During this time Wesley also spent time with Ujjain monks in Rajasthan learning Preksha meditation techniques.

Wesley now dedicates his time to writing, teaching, and healing.